Monday, August 2, 2010

Anyone know what this LP array is?

This last weekend I took my kids to Sacramento on the Capitol Corridor Amtrak. On the way, just south of the Fremont train station, and visible from the right side of the train is a big HF log-periodic array. It's got about 17 elements, and is about 70 feet in the air. I got a photo:

Near as I can figure with Google maps, the street address is on Centralmont Pl. in Fremont:

Anyone know what this thing is used for?
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goody said...

I'm going to guess FAA. In Google Streetview you can see what looks to be where they trenched in the parking lot over to buildings on the east. If you go a little further east you see two towers with arms coming out the top. That's typical FAA. Googling a bit, I see an FAA address at 5125 Central Ave, which looks to be this building. There are many HF aeronautical frequencies.

(Anthony Good)