Tuesday, November 2, 2010

CW Sweepstakes Plans Set

I've got a second station lined up to operate for the CW weekend of the ARRL November Sweepstakes. Here's the general plan:

Saturday: lead off from home, signing KM6I. Equipment:
  • FT-857D + Hercules amp @ 500w
  • 80/40m: G5RV @ 60ft
  • 20/15/10m: 2 el wire yagi @ 40ft
(I need to use my old FT-857D so I can haul my K3 up to the second operating location - SS rules only allow a transmitter to be used with one callsign.)

After 12 hours or so of operating from home, I'll get a quick nap, then drive up to AD6Z's place, where I'll be signing NW6H. Equipment:
  • K3 + AL-1200 amp
  • 80m: high folded dipole
  • 40m: XM240 2-el Yagi
  • 20m: 5 el Yagi
  • 15m: 5/5 stack
  • 10m: 5 el Yagi
This is far and away the best station I've ever operated, so I'm really stoked to do well. On top of having all this great aluminum and copper in the air, the station is up at about 1700 feet in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Thanks to Kevin, the owner, for the chance to operate!

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KK7S said...

Hi Gordon,

Looks like a fun plan. I hope to see you on the air this weekend. I've been looking around for audio of SS CW to use for practice and have found very little. I see you have a link to an hour of your own SS operation from last year, but the link doesn't seem to work. Can you repost that?

Chadd KK7S