Monday, November 7, 2011

N1MM Logger and Sweepstakes - QLF

While operating CW Sweepstakes this year, I forgot that N1MM requires that you type the serial number and precedence without a space in between them, if the fields are typed out of order. When using a prefill file, you are typing things out of order most of the time, because the check and section are auto-populated from the prefill.

For example, if I type W6YX in the input field, and press space, the entry field will auto-populate with:

24 SCV

Then if W6YX sends me "74 S W6YX 24 SCV" I have to remember to type:


rather than

74 S

If I type the latter, the contact gets incorrectly logged with a serial number of 24 and a check of 74.

I didn't realize until after the contest that I'd done this, and at first I thought my log was toast. However, the "damage" is regular and can be fixed up by applying the following algorithm:

for each log entry:
if serial number in log == check from prefill file
swap check and serial number

Note that this only affects contact where the serial number is less than 100, because N1MM knows that's not a valid check and does the right thing.

It also doesn't affect contacts where the prefill data was wrong and I copied the whole exchange, because it uses the last two numbers typed as the serial number and check, which is, again, the right thing.

Here is a Download link. You'll need Python 2.X. Just run the program to get help.

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