Thursday, November 18, 2010

SS Phone Plans

For November Sweepstakes Phone this weekend, I will be up at Kevin, AD6Z's place again, signing KM6I. But this time, he and I will be doing a dual station effort, with two transmitters on the air at the same time. Since Kevin's station is mostly SO2R-ready, with bandpass filters and decent antenna routing, it should work out great. This has worked well in the past at other stations, most notably when N6DE and W6RK operated at the K6IDX station for CW SS.

I'll "only" have an AL-80b amp (1000 watts) - Kevin gets the big AL-1200 (1500 watts). But I'll be able to use all that aluminum!


Minimum: 785 QSOs (to make KB-2000 award).
Stretch: 1285 QSOs (to make KB-2500 award).
Crazy: 209,562 points (to make a combined CW/Phone score of 400,000 points)

Approximate rates required (assuming 24 hours op time)

Minimum: 32/hour
Stretch: 53/hour
Crazy: 55/hour

My crazy goal corresponds to about 1327 QSOs and 79 sections). That's pretty unlikely, but what the heck.

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Gordon Good said...

Ok, I didn't make either of my stretch goals, but I did handily beat my basic goal. I had >1000 QSOs and I did get a sweep pretty easily (5 el yagis will do that).